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Application Preparation Requirements

There are 9 steps to applying for a loan through PFA:

1.  Go to How to Apply


2.  Click on the links under PFA's application requirements and, if you wish to proceed, fill out the online forms for PFA to review and consider your project financing request

3.  Wait for a response from PFA


4.  If PFA responds by inviting you to proceed, click on and follow the guidelines for submitting an Initial Financing Request

5.  After its initial review and risk analysis, PFA will schedule a call to discuss your loan request more thoroughly.   If PFA wishes to proceed, it will provide a Letter of Interest (LOI) and ask you to follow its guidelines for submitting a Full Application

6.  Upon submission of the Full Application, PFA will conduct a more thorough risk analysis and due diligence review. If, upon completion of this analysis, PFA determines that it wishes to proceed with your loan request, it will issue a Term Sheet for review

7.  Once the Term Sheet has been executed, loan underwriting and final due diligence will be initiated. PFA will, at this point, request the information in Attachments 6-9 and Attachments 10-11 if relevant to your project

8.  If the loan is approved, PFA will issue a Conditional Commitment that lists the conditions precedent (i.e., the requirements) that must be met prior to closing

9.  Once these conditions have been met, the loan will go to closing and the first tranche will be disbursed

Please allow:

  • 14-21 days to assemble and submit the Introductory Funding Request in #2 above

  • 14-21 days for #3 above

  • 14-21 days for #4 above

  • 60-90 days to assemble and submit the Full Application in #5 above

  • 30 days for #6

  • 30 days for #7

  • 14-21 days to complete #8 and move to #9

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