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TRLs (Technology Readiness Levels) denote the levels of research and development, testing, validation, scaling up, and readiness for the commercialization and deployment of new technologies/processes/etc.

  • TRL 7: pilot plants and prototypes

  • TRL 8: small-scale commercial demonstration 

  • TRL 9: first-commercial execution and deployment

Front-End Loaded (FEL) designations denote the stages of a project's pre-construction engineering and design: 

  • FEL-1: feasibility study; sources, availability, transport, and characterization of raw materials and feedstocks; environmental assessment; initial execution plan and financial model

  • FEL-2: raw material/feedstock testing, environmental modeling, design basis preparation

  • FEL-3: completion of engineering package including, as appropriate for the project, equipment, heat and material balances, process flows, piping and instrumentation, utility requirements and flows (water, power, discharges, effluent, etc.), plant layout, civil, structural, and architectural specifications

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