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How to Apply

1.  Please review the following two documents:


2.  Next, review PFA's application requirements:


Please note: Step 2, above, is intended only to acquaint you with PFA's application requirements. Steps 3 and 4 below are required before an application -- or any other project information -- is submitted or will be reviewed.

3. Should you wish to proceed after reviewing Steps 1 and 2, please fill out the following online forms:


4.  Finally, please fill out the online financing request form:


5.  Please do not send any other documents or information or try to reach out to us until we respond to your financing request. The information you provide online is your pathway to the next step. It will result in either a thank you or an invitation to proceed and provide additional information.


Please understand that you are competing with multiple requests for project financing. A prospective borrower's willingness and ability to follow PFA's requests and requirements are key determinants in whether PFA will consider a loan request. It is important, therefore, that you do not annoy the lender.

All financing requests and applications must follow all PFA formatting, style, organization, and content requirements (see #1 above). Those that don't will be rejected.

This restriction is part of PFA's due diligence. If a company is requesting tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars, euros, pounds sterling, or yen to finance a project, PFA needs to know that the company pays precise attention to detail, follows and meets even the smallest of requirements, even if they do not seem important, is willing to adapt, and follows direction to the letter.

The required project financing documentation can be prepared by:

  • the borrower

  • consultants and firms retained by the borrower

  • PFA's project financing documentation team

One advantage of retaining PFA's project financing documentation team, if only to review and adjust or suggest adjustments to the documentation prepared by the borrower or its consultants, is that PFA's team has developed and excels at meeting all of PFA's requirements (which mirror the requirements to be ready to start construction and/or execute a project).

PFA's team also prepares project financing documentation in the exact way that PFA and its underwriting and due diligence teams prefer, thus greatly eliminating the risk of a rejection based on not following the guidance and requirements in #1 above.

The fees expended in retaining PFA's team to prepare the project financing documentation offer a double value, since they can reduce or eliminate the additional cost for PFA's loan underwriting and due diligence. This is because PFA's team will perform a complete analysis of each project component and risk as part of its financing documentation preparation.

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