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How to Apply

1.  Please review PFA's application requirements:


Please note: Step 1, above, is intended only to acquaint you with PFA's requirements for the project financing documentation that must be submitted to move forward with a financing request.


Steps 2 and 3 below are required before an application is submitted or will be reviewed.

2. Should you wish to proceed after reviewing Step 1 above, please fill out the following online forms:


3.  Finally, please fill out the online financing request form:


4.  To move forward with a financing request, the online forms must be completed first. They are your pathway to the next step. After you have filled out these online forms, you may ... and are encouraged to ... send an executive summary or slide deck to


Please understand that you are competing with multiple requests for project financing. A prospective borrower's willingness and ability to follow PFA's requests and requirements are key determinants in whether PFA will consider a project financing request.

All financing requests and applications must follow PFA's requirements in #1 above.

These requirements are part of PFA's due diligence. If a company is requesting a significant amount of project financing, PFA needs to know that the company pays attention to detail and follows each and every requirement for its financing to the letter, even if the requirement does not seem important (since some of PFA's requirements have been put in place specifically to ensure you are paying attention).

The required project financing documentation can be prepared by:

  • the borrower,

  • consultants and firms retained by the borrower or, upon request,

  • PFA's project financing documentation team.

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