Information, Guidance, and Assistance

We provide assistance in:


> Locating, cultivating and making presentations to sources of equity, capital, and financing for projects from $5 million to $1 billion or more

> Providing debt financing with attractive terms for projects which meet our financing requirements

> Working with lenders, investors, and the fund through which Project Financing Assistance (PFA) provides project financing, to finance project development and execution, as well as pre-construction, front-end engineering and design (FEED) costs and projects being carried out by startups, as well as projects which include new, first-of-their-kind technologies

> Preparing clear, compelling project financing documentation


> Navigating investment committee and loan review processes

> Clearing the hurdles of risk analysis and due diligence

> Meeting requirements for project completion, execution, operation, financial monitoring, and reporting

 Our services include information, guidance, and assistance in:

Creating Effective Project Financing Documentation

Our Lending Program

6% to 8% annual interest rate depending on project risk

12-18 month interest-only

5-year renewable term

ideal for financing projects other lenders avoid

including projects being carried out by startups or using new first-of-their-kind technologies


Unlike almost every debt financing and government loan guarantee option

this lending program will finance project development and pre-construction costs

as well as project startup and project operation for at least 12 months and 1 day

so the project is fully bankable at the end of the loan term


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