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Project Financing

Guidance & Advice

We provide:


Project Financing, including financing for first-of-a-kind projects and technologies as well as for final development, pre-construction (front-end engineering and design, permitting, deposits for equipment purchases, securing offtakes, etc.), which often is the most difficult money to find

Access to a unique, low-interest source of project financing

Assistance in preparing clear, compelling, easy-to-read, and easy-to-follow project financing documentation

Guidance on working with investors, lenders, and venture capital and equity firms

Advice on navigating investment committee and loan review processes and clearing the hurdles of risk analysis and due diligence

Consulting Services to obtain grants, loan guarantees, and financing to advance technologies and projects | prepare  financial models | conduct independent, third-party risk analyses, feasibility studies, and environmental, technology, and project assessments | meet lender requirements for project execution, operation, and reporting


Here's How to Overcome the Challenge of Securing  Development Capital to Move Your Project Forward


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Lending Programs Available Through PFA



Ideal for financing projects other lenders avoid

including projects being carried out by startups and using first-of-a-kind technologies


Unlike most debt financing and government loan guarantee options,

PFA's lending programs will finance final project development and pre-construction costs

as well as construction, project startup, and initial (12 months and 1 day) project operation

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Loans Available Through PFA

How to Apply

Eligible Project Locations

PFA's Loan Application Requirements

PFA's Financing Request Form

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