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Project Financing

Access, Guidance & Advice

Project Financing Assistance (PFA) is developing initiatives to provide:


Project Financing, including financing for first-of-a-kind projects and technologies, along with the hard-to-find funding for final development and pre-construction (front-end engineering and design, permitting, deposits for equipment purchases, securing supply and offtake agreements, etc.).

Short-term Financing to exercise options, order equipment, and secure assets, collateralized by the assets for which the financing is being provided.


Development Capital through a fund, which is being created, to be available in mid- to late-2024, comprised of multiple investors and investment firms, that will provide development capital, to be invested in several dozen well-vetted projects, thus spreading risk across multiple projects and short-cutting the years-long, one-on-one project developer outreach that typically has been required to move innovations forward. 

PFA is convinced that every new technology and advancement that is necessary to mitigate the climate crisis is available today. It also is convinced that, due to the current difficulty in securing development capital, very few of these projects will be deployed, nor deployed in sufficient numbers, to meet the 2035 and 2050 goals that are necessary to avoid significant damage to the Planet and life on Earth.


Development capital is the lifeblood of every innovation and new technology that is being developed.


Until now, it has been the most difficult funding to secure ... and it is needed now, more than ever, without significant difficulty and delay, to address the climate crisis ... PFA is committed to eliminating these delays (see the links below to the development capital articles by PFA's managing director, CJ Evans).

Assistance in preparing clear, compelling, easy-to-read, and easy-to-follow project financing documentation.

Consulting Services to advance and secure financing for cutting-edge technologies and projects.

Here's How to Overcome the Challenge

of Securing Development Capital to Move Your Project Forward

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Here's How to Overcome the Challenge of Securing Project Financing

Unsolicited Proposals, Needed: More Access, More Flexibility, More Funding to Advance Game-Changing Projects

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